TULSA, Oklahoma - The Komen Race for the Cure happens because of the generosity of so many volunteers.  Some donate money while others donate their time and talents. One volunteer has combined her day job with her passion to fight breast cancer as we get ready to Race for the Cure. 

Janice Gulley works in accounts payable at a local company. That's her day job but Janice is also passionate about fighting breast cancer. So for years, she's volunteered for Komen Tulsa. 

She and her friend work on creating items to be put in bags for newly diagnosed patients. 

"We make little journals because they need to write their notes as they go to the doctor and the things that the doctor says. So we make the little journals for them. And I always put a little book marker in and then Barbara and I make these little pillows that go on the seat belt. That way it doesn't hurt. And she wrote a little poem. Here's a little pillow, use it everyday. With it on the seatbelt, the pain eases away," said Janice Gulley. 

Janice first began volunteering because of her sister-in-law and then her sister was diagnosed as well. And then in 2011, Janice herself heard those words, you have breast cancer. 

"It really wasn't that big of a surprise for me because I'd had a tumor 40 years ago before they even had mammograms and then when my sister was diagnosed, they did some kind of test on me and they said I had a 98-percent chance of getting it so it was just a time bomb waiting to happen," said Janice Gulley. 

Janice has chronicled her journey through scrapbooking and says it's been helpful to her. 

"It really does help because it shows where I was and where I am now," said Janice Gulley. 

Janice says she's grateful to her company for their support during her battle. 

"All my bosses were so good and they never once complained and they all talk about wearing pink and my boss is trying to figure out a way to do pink shirts for the race this year and my big big boss has a pink shirt on today," said Janice Gulley. 

It's been a perfect way for her volunteer job and her day job to intersect. 

The race is coming up on Saturday, September 27th at ONEOK Field. You still have time to register for the race. Go to our web site to join in or to make a donation. We're going to have a great time and hope you are able to be there.