COWETA, Oklahoma - It's been six months since voters passed medical marijuana and now parents who spent years fighting for change for their family is getting ready to help other Oklahomans.

News on 6 first introduced you to the Jenkins last March, when Shawn and Laura were fighting for State Question 788 to pass. 

Six-year-old Carver was diagnosed with intractable epilepsy at 6-months-old, and his parents said narcotics didn’t help treat the seizures. Their 2-year-old daughter, Lyra, started having seizures one year ago. Now, thanks to medical marijuana, things have dramatically changed in the past month.

“Carver and Lyra are doing fantastic,” said Shawn Jenkins. “In the past 30 days, Carver has not had a single seizure. He’s taking medical marijuana. Lyra has only had one, and she’s using CBD.”

Medical marijuana and CBD will be for sale next month at Flowercraft, Jenkins’ dispensary. He said he never would have imagined owning a dispensary in Oklahoma before State Question 788 passed.

“At first we got into this because of our children. And then you meet other families and Oklahoma families that were displaced and had to go to other states due to just a legality, a legality that didn’t make sense,” said Jenkins.

Flowercraft has two locations, in Brookside and Coweta. Mario Garcia, Director of Operations, said the company will also grow and process its own product.

"I had watched their story, and was just blown away that they had chosen me to come and lead this movement,” said Garcia. “After it passed, I saw a whole new hope for them, something they could actually use to help their children, and now help others.”

Licensed patients are reaching out to Flowercraft on Facebook ahead of the launch.

“Our Facebook page blows up nonstop. It's just a constant flow of messages. Do you have this? When are you going to be open? Can you help us with this,” said Garcia. “We had to hire someone just for social media, so we can help people get the resources they need until we open up.”

Both locations are set to open Valentine’s Day.

"If Flowercraft can provide health and happiness to people, what greater thing could we do in our lives and in our mission? To me, it’s the top,” said Jenkins. “I have a newfound hope for Oklahoma.”