OKLAHOMA CITY, Oklahoma - Governor Stitt laid out a budget on Monday that spends some and saves some of the new money coming into state government.

A tax increase last year could give lawmakers $600 million more dollars to spend. The governor asked lawmakers to put $250 million in the bank and surprised some by asking for a $1,200 teacher pay raise.

He did not mention a state employee pay raise except for prison guards, but he wasn’t specific about that.

Democrats are already pushing back at what they didn’t hear in the Governor’s budget outline.  They want more money for mental health, for general school spending, for criminal justice reform and a top priority for them is taking federal money for Medicaid.


“It’s right there for the taking and we ask that the Governor be bold and take back that billion dollars, that would be a bold move, bring a billion dollars back to Oklahoma,” said Regina Goodwin.

The governor promised better transparency and more accountability for state agencies. He’s likely to get more authority over those agencies from the Republican majority in the capitol.

Democrats have their own budget priorities and they’re going to lay out their plan on Tuesday.