TULSA, Oklahoma - Tulsans join a President's Day protest against President Trump's emergency declaration to get money for a border wall along the U.S-Mexican border.

President Trump says the wall is a national security necessity, but dozens of Tulsa protesters call the national emergency "fake" and want Congress to take action to overrule it.

Protestors in Tulsa joined a nationwide demonstration against President Trump's emergency declaration to build a border wall.

"It's a waste of resources," said protestor Adam Hettler.

This rally near Senator Jim Inhofe's office is one of many across the country on this President's Day.

"He tried to just shut down the government to get it but failed because the majority of American's don't support it," said Hettler.

Community organizer Adam Hettler says this is his 41st day of protesting here in Tulsa.

"We are uniting with people in our community and across the country who are opposed to this power grab by him," he said.

But not everyone at this Tulsa rally opposes the President. Workers in a nearby office building put up a sign in their window to show support for President Trump.

And one man didn't want to give his name but did want his to make sure his support of the President was heard loud and clear.

"Tough, tough.  I'm not stopping bud."

Hettler says despite this group's opposition to President Trump, they still respect his supporters.

"We love them. They are still humans. We don't hate them. We support them. We would love to talk to them,” said Hettler.

Hettler says he heard a lot of honking on Monday and believes it's people who support his message.