TULSA, Oklahoma - If you're counting the days down to Easter, you may realize it's getting very close. Here are some tips from Michelle Milstead with Social Rugrats for some creative and - mostly - mess-free Easter egg decorating ideas. 

Here are Michelle Milstead’s TOP Easter egg decorating ideas kid tested through Social Rugrats:

  • Marker Easter Eggs--this is a pattern we create on paper at home so I thought, "Why not try it on an Easter egg". We used black permanent marker to create the outline and filled in with multiple colors.
  • Washi Tape Easter Eggs--there are so many fun patterns to choose from. Who knew they'd make adorable Easter eggs? But they do! This is simple enough for a toddler, but still fun for the older children as well. You can also create some really fun patterns with the tape.
  • Tattoo Easter Eggs--kids love tattoos. We used some cute Easter/Spring themed tattoos. And they stick just as well to the egg as they do skin.
  • Easter Egg Chicks--these are my personal favorite. We used foam flower stickers cut in half as the feet, we drew the eyes and beak with a permanent marker and glued 2 colorful feathers for wings and a small feather on top of the head.
  • Pipe Cleaner Egg Bunnies--we used 1 pipe cleaner for each egg to create the bunny ears (wrap around the egg, twist to secure and the leftover pieces shape into bunny ears) and then glued the pom pom for the bunny tail. We used a permanent marker to draw in the face of the bunny.
  • Yarn Wrapped Easter Bunny Eggs--these are adorable! We wrapped colorful yarn around the egg using hot glue, glued a pom-pom for the bunny tail and used carrot tooth picks for the ears (this was my son's idea and I think it turned out great!) You can also create these without the bunny tail and ears and they are just as cute.
  • Potted Plant Easter Eggs--we decorated the eggs as flowers (using various materials--stickers, markers, ) and planted the "flower" in a pot.
  • Polka Dot Easter Eggs--we used glitter dot markers and created polka dot patterns in various colors and sizes.Puffy Paint Easter Eggs--the possibilities are endless with these easy to apply tubes of puffy paint. And it gives the egg a cool, 3 dimensional look.
  • Glitter Easter Eggs--we painted some glitter glue on each egg in different colors and mixtures using a foam paint brush. This is as messy as it got! But it was easy and fun.

If you aren't big into crafts and still need a simple and mess free way to decorate Easter eggs--try out the Eggmazing Easter Egg Decorator. It spins the egg while you use markers to create patterns on the egg. It worked, it created pretty eggs and the kids had fun using it.

Now, you can also get creative to display the eggs. Use the washi tape rolls as egg stands. You can also have your kids decorate egg crates to use as egg stands. Cupcake liners filled with basket grass also makes a great egg display.