Between Oklahoma State, Oklahoma and Florida, the storylines run pretty deep between the three head coaches. Almost too many to mention. For starters, OSU Head Coach Kenny Gajewski not too long ago was an assistant for Tim Walton in Gainesville. 

“I was in his wedding, I lived in his house, I probably got the job at Oklahoma because of him and Patty's trust in him,” Walton said.

Gajewski chimed in too.

“Obviously with Tim, we go way back. A lot of people talk about our story at OU, but we go back even to our junior college days when we played on the same team,” Gajewski said.”

Gajewski was a groundskeeper at Oklahoma after that, taking care of Patty Gasso's field. Walton was an assistant for Gasso for four seasons.

“To see where they started and where they are now, really doesn't have a lot to do with me, it's more of them,” Gasso said. “They have an absolute desire to want to learn.”

Alabama's Patrick Murphy joined them at the news conference on Wednesday, but it was Gajewski possibly delivering the line of the day.

“I think I counted up 35 appearances between this group here. Now it's 36 with my first one. David and Goliath,” Gajewski said.

David takes a swing at Florida on Thursday at 6:00 p.m., followed by Alabama and Oklahoma around 8:30.