DEER CREEK, Oklahoma - The Deer Creek High School football player who suffered heat stroke after practice in June is making an unbelievable recovery. 

Sam Tignor started throwing up and suffered seizures on June 28, and he was rushed to the hospital.

His parents said the next day was Sam’s worst day.

“Everything started to shut down,” said Dusti Tignor, Sam’s mom.

“The doctors looked at us and said, ‘we have the next 24 to 72 hours to see if he could go one way or the other.’ That really hit us knowing that Sam may not make it,” said Lance Tignor Sam’s dad.

Sam has been taken in and out of comas as he recovers at an OKC hospital.

His family said their faith helped them find peace, even during the darkest hours of Sam’s recovery.

“Whether he makes it, or he goes the other way, we are still believers.”

Visitors prayed at Sam's bedside and total strangers reached out from across the world.

“People from Africa are praying for us. People from Mexico are praying for us. People from the Philippines are praying for us,” said Lance.

The parents said they’ve stayed strong knowing their son has been the subject of so much prayer.

“God is changing people’s lives through the situation of Sam,” said Lance.

This week has been a great week for Sam. He's cleared several milestones and may get to go home by the weekend.

“We are told daily by the nursing staff and the doctors, you do know this is a miracle, right?” said Dusti.

Sam's football career is over, but come fall, he'll be on sidelines coaching along with his dad, who’s a Deer Creek football assistant coach.