OKLAHOMA CITY - It's been one week since Oklahomans heard the news that Russell Westbrook had been traded to the Houston Rockets. Some fans took it harder than others -- one 11-year-old in particular. 

“First it was Paul George, and I almost was crying. Then I heard that Russell might be going to a different team. And then I almost started crying again. But I didn’t want to show my tears,” said 11-year-old Kodie Speir. 

Hurt over the news, Kodie said her emotions were nothing but sad that day, writing a letter to express them.

“Why does Westbrook have to leave, I love Russell so much. But why does him and Paul, who were so good together. But it is so sad to see a good player leave. So now, I do not love the Thunder no more,” Kodie said, in half of her letter. 


She wishes Sam Presti talked with her before they made the decision.

“I mean, how many All-Stars that we give to other cities, and they win championships. And Oklahoma City need to win. And hopefully, Kevin Durant doesn’t come back. So, I’ve been hearing rumors about that. We do not want him back,” Kodie said.  

This passionate 11-year-old's tune has changed since the day she wrote the heartfelt letter. She said she will continue to be a Thunder fan through and through. Her room is decked out in Westbrook gear, and she doesn't plan to take it down. She hopes to make half of her room Thunder based, and half of it Rockets themed. 

Afterall, she did start playing basketball because of how much she loved watching the NBA. Her number is even zero on the court because of Russell Westbrook

Kodie said it will definitely be strange seeing Westbrook in a Houston Rockets jersey. But she hopes to attend a game in Houston this next season.